Recording & Production Services

In Concert Productions offers a multitude of studio services currently through its partner, Matt Barba’s own Regrown Recordings project studio in Long Island, NY. In addition, remote mixing/mastering of your studio tracks and/or tracks from a live recording are accepted! Matt will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your vision for every project is realized. From his classically-trained background as a trombonist for over 12 years, to his contemporary sensibilities and modern industry knowledge from his degree in the Music Industry from Syracuse University, Matt is ready to approach any style of music or production with a fresh perspective and creative expertise. Contact him today to discuss your project and talk over our services.



Professional tracking services for vocals, all kinds of instruments, electronic production and more! Our full stock of backline is available for tracking sessions. See what we have in our inventory HERE! For drum kit tracking, please contact Matt about the scope of your project.


Using the same creative ability and expertise he has developed over the years, Matt can approach each and every mix with an objective perspective and bring out the best in every track. With up to 4 free revisions, we are ready to work closely with you to make your multi-tracks sound as good as they can! Contact Matt today to discuss your project in detail and set a workable rate.


Don’t have the money to take your track(s) to a big mastering house but don’t want to hand it over to some algorithm? Matt is capable of giving your tracks basic and creative mastering treatment to help them stand out against the rest and maximize your mixes.

Production (Post/Pre/During)

Matt has had experience in the post and pre-production worlds, having worked at the commercial music production firm Jingle Punks and doing foley sound design and soundtrack mixing for films at Syracuse University. He has also had a hand in producing artists of many genres. If you are in need of a producer that can take your project to a new level, have a project that needs some organizing and detail work before you record, or have a finished project in need of final touches, schedule a face-to-face meeting with Matt today to discuss your project in detail for free! Matt is a firm believer in putting in work on every project before hitting the record button to harness the most focused and inspiring performances possible.

Sound Design/Composition

Having a developed academic background in music theory and education and real-world experience in songwriting and composition, Matt can create customized tracks for your music, commercial, intro sequences, background fill and more! Schedule a meeting or a call with Matt today to discuss the needs of your project in detail!


Matt has spent years performing and writing for horn sections, wind bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles, ska bands…. you name it! If your track is in need of arrangements of any kind, or if you need a transcription of a performed piece of music, Matt can help!