Our Story

In Concert Productions had very humble beginnings, founded unofficially in 1979 by Don Jacobs under the name “Midnight Express.” While teaching in NYC’s public school system, Don began DJ’ing weddings and events, and provided music and sound reinforcement for all kinds of liberal activist groups for civil rights, anti-nuclear proliferation, feminist and environmental movements. Don has since amassed a massive collection of CD’s covering world music, American songbook, pop, classical - you name it, he has it! While DJ work is no longer In Concert’s primary market, Don still enjoys moving audiences of all kinds and aiding the discovery of new music all over New York City, the same way he did through the 1980’s. Throughout the 80’s Don began slowly upgrading and collecting professional audio equipment - some of which we still use today! - and breaking into new markets doing live sound work for small community and activist organizations and non-profits throughout New York; business we still hold close to our core to this day.

Don spent decades fostering strong relationships in the city’s music and event production scene and honing his talent as a front-of-house engineer, event producer, consultant and audio professional, among other roles. He has worked with and taught many audio and event professionals in his time in the business, and he continues to put in hours doing what he loves. However far we have come, we are so proud of our work that sticks close to our roots, such as providing sound reinforcement and production advising to DPNYC for the annual Disability Pride NYC Parade, and working with KRVC and Esplanade Friends in support of green way development on NYC’s east and west sides.

In this time, in 2000, Midnight Express re-branded to In Concert Audio to better reflect the company’s scope of work and push it further into a future of growth as a company specializing in live sound reinforcement, with a growing stock of backline, incandescent lighting options and a Wenger StageTek portable stage system. From this point to the present, In Concert Audio has remained under the leadership of Don Jacobs, and has seen dozens of talented personnel and a few dedicated partners cycle in and out of the regular rotation. In Concert has steadily upped its game in all categories, including gear, personnel, scope and the maximum size event possible. The company has also increased its commercial accounts while ardently maintaining it’s focus on seeking out community-oriented events with significant value to the people they serve to entertain. It is through these well-vetted partnerships with inspiring event producers, musicians and promoters that In Concert has been able to continue to sell smiles and good feelings to audiences and producers of events of all kinds.

Cut to today: In Concert is in the midst of another steady - more slight - re-branding to In Concert Productions. Why? Because here at In Concert, we have an immense amount of experience, knowledge and resources to offer events and renters of all sizes, from all walks of life, who want more than just a private contractor to help them get their event off the ground. Adding a new partner, Matt Barba, to the leadership of the company, In Concert has had an injection of new ideas, new motivation to grow and expand, and new expertise to add to its already strong wealth of intellectual capital. Matt brings to the table a well-rounded knowledge of the music industry with a Bachelor of Music in the Music Industry degree from Syracuse University. He has honed his craft not only as a front of house engineer, but also as a recording and mix engineer. Behind all of the decisions we make is a combination of things: a strong passion for every aspect of event production, impeccable technical knowledge to deliver real results quickly and efficiently, genuine care for our client and the right gear to back it all up!

Welcome, to In Concert Productions.