You’ve spent your career advocating for your community and their needs. We get it. We work with you to give you festival service at a non-profit price point. We tailor your event needs to match your vision on a budget you can live with. ICP Expert Event Planning means increased event turn-out, retention and interest in your event. We want to help your audience eagerly advocate for you and your cause.

Are you finding it difficult to keep people interested and get people coming back over and over again? Let us help!

  1. A budget to match your mission

  2. No unnecessary frills

  3. Expert event planning advice

  4. Festival service at a non-profit price-point

  5. Increase turnout, retention and interest in your events

  6. Put on events that will make people eager to advocate for you and your cause.


Event pictured: Friends of the East River Esplanade: autumn celebration with the french cookin’ blues band at aycock pavilion in manhattan.