Live Event Production

Navigate through a full selection of our equipment! Click the links to view inventory indexes of our gear!

In Concert Productions provides all of these great services to all live events from weddings to corporate gatherings to retail events to small/medium festivals and more! Contact us about your event and feel free to look through our inventories below!

Sound Reinforcement

In Concert offers many flexible options for PA and sound reinforcement at any size event with our emphasis on system customization. We offer more than just “Package A, B, C…” by maximizing the use of every amp, loudspeaker and mixer to fit your needs, not our road cases. Check out our sound reinforcement inventory HERE!


DJ Equipment

In Concert has some great DJ gear ready for action. Don’t see what you’re looking for in our inventory? Ask us about sub-renting on a larger order or we may be able to refer you to someone else! Check out all our DJ audio gear HERE!

For DJ lighting, please see our lighting inventory.

LED Lighting

We have a multitude of LED lighting options and effects including moving head fixtures, washes, uplights, fog and haze machines, and fully custom-built trusses to make your event look fantastic. Check out our lighting inventory HERE!

Some incandescent lighting options also available!


Projection and Video

Projection and video are great ways to add a new dimension to your event! We have several high-quality options for projection, projection screens and video monitors waiting for you! Check out our options for video and projection HERE!

Flexible Staging

Our Wenger StageTek modular stage system comes in many shapes and sizes. Expandable up to a maximum of 16’x24’, this stage breaks down into 4’x4’ platforms with leg heights of 1’, 2’, 3’ and 5’ including professional-looking black skirting and stairs for a very flexible, yet stable and professional stage for indoor and outdoor events.


Peripheral Equipment

Generators, coverings, accessories and more!

Explore our stock of equipment that didn’t quite fit in to the other categories listed above. Yes! There’s more! Click HERE to see what else we have.

Stellar Backline

We pride ourselves in maintaining a top-notch rotation of professional and legendary backline options her at In Concert. From guitar amps, bass rigs, drum kits, Latin percussion and keyboards, we have you covered for almost any demanding backline request! Check out our full list of backline options HERE!