Concerts & Festivals

ICP’s goal is to create outstanding experiences for your attendees that will keep them coming back for more! We partner with you to create unforgettable events that your audience won’t forget. Expert event planning with trained technicians in live sound support, lighting, staging and videography ensures your audience base will increase...and so will your bottom-line! Working with In Concert Productions can be like having another creative producer on your team that’s paying attention to all the little details that will make your event totally unique!

Let In Concert Productions help you create something truly unforgettable, and totally repeatable!

  1. Expert event planning advice on all fronts

  2. Creative initiative to take you event to a new level

  3. Everything you need, nothing you don’t

  4. Full, open and honest communication

  5. Prompt, competent and capable employees

  6. Create outstanding experiences that will ensure attendance will increase every year; and so will your budget!